Swan 48

Swan 48

Legends reborn (Swan 48)

A new life for legendary sailing and motor yachts

Do you ever get nostalgic about the wonderful sailing days with family and friends? Those long sun-filled holidays on open water. Sweet memories. You can relive those days with our Legends Reborn.

What legends are we talking about?

Your yachting days with your parents have gone. But you are still here. And so are the yachts: getting older and a bit worse for wear, but beautiful as ever underneath. Those are the Legends we are talking about. Wouldn’t it be great if they could have a new lease of life? Rebuilt – reborn, even – with more comfort and luxury for you, but with all the love and respect their history deserves.

Rebuilding a legend

We will bring you childhood sweetheart back to life by first stripping her back to the bare essentials  and then rebuilding her with all the trimmings you want. A new design that enhances the original look and feel, and adds the comfort, technology and performance you have come to expect. At Younique Yachts we can make it happen.

In collaboration with you

They’re your memories. You know what it was like back in the old days, and you know what you want for the future. With you on our team we can rebuild your legend. Give us inspiration, share your ideas, work with us to make it happen. And if you change your mind while we are working on your yacht, that’s fine. You can’t know everything beforehand and we are flexible. The only things that are fixed are the price we agreed on and our quality standards.

Sustainability matters

Of course it does. We believe that breathing new life into an old yacht is better than leaving it to rot  in a ship graveyard somewhere. That way we do not only honour great legends but we also do our part for a sustainable future. At Younique Yachts we try to add as little as possible to the ever-growing scrapheap and we replace the wood we use – certified wood, of course – by planting new trees in designated areas in the Netherlands.

The Project

When we got the Swan 48 at our yard we talked with the owner about doing a very special project. Make a nice open day/ weekend sailor out of the Swan 48 hull. So we first stripped the complete ship back to a empty hull. Biggest job was dismounting the aluminium corroded toe-rail with its hundreds bolds. We redid the deck-hull connection and made this stronger and stiffer. We took the entrance out and placed it seven centimetres to the left because it was not symmetrical. We took off all unnecessary stuff in the cockpit so it would get the nice clean look we where going for. We designed a new spray-bar made out of foam/ composites and teak.

We placed a new teak-deck on the yacht. We made the new windows flush and glued them into a recess. We designed a special carbon with aluminium hatch with one of a kind hinges. There are no hatches who can cover this much deck rounding so we had to come up with something new. in front of the spraybar there is a big glass panel to get a lot of extra light in the boat. The entry hatch is also custom with a big glass panel.  The complete deck plan was re engineered, the yacht is fitted with a longer than standard carbon rig.

The bow of the yacht has two aluminium lockers. In one of the lockers there is a anchor installation which you only see when you actually anchor. We engineered a new system of scepters where the scepter is flush on the deck. This gives the yacht a very nice and clean look. There is a new designed aluminium pedestal installed with a nice big steering wheel.

After the complete interior was removed we made a new plan to make the ship as open as possible fitting it with a  longitudinal slats through the whole ship. Before this we fitted new thrushes and coated the entire hull with carbon sheets to make the hull a lot stiffer and give it a industrial look en finish. We created a very big bed in the owners cabin, at the widest it is 2.8 metres. All furnature is made out Corian completely and is hanging free from the bulkheads. So it looks like it is floating in the cabins. The yacht is fitted with complete new installations, engine and navcom.

Before and after

Article in Jachtbouw Nederland about the built of the Swan 48

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