All our yachts are built with as little waste as possible and we use FSC-certified wood for construction and finishing. Peter Melchers of Younique Yachts: ‘We always work with the same supplier, because we know his FSC-label and paperwork are up to date. We want our clients to be able to check.’ Certified wood is produced in a sustainable forest, with respect for the natural environment, animals and plants and consideration for the rights and safety of the people who work there.

Mount Malindang

To compensate Younique Yachts wants to replace the wood the shipyard uses. Our aim is to plant some 2250 trees in five years, spread across two areas of a quarter of hectare each. One quarter of a hectare is in the Netherlands, the other in a protected reserve on the slopes of Mount Malindang, an inactive volcano in the Philippines. In the past deforestation in the area led to widespread erosion, flooding and mudslides, making agriculture in the lower valleys practically impossible. The forest has since recovered and these days it is managed sustainably.

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Solar energy and LED lighting

Younique Yachts moved into a new building by the end of 2018. ‘The new location offers great possibilities to run a CO2-neutral business. We are considering several options: solar panels perhaps and a heat exchanger combined with floor heating and LED lights. There is quite a number of things we can – and will – do.