“You have to deeply understand the essence of a product in order to be able to get rid of the parts that are not essential”

Sir Jonathan Ive


Younique Yachts works on the basis of a deep understanding of what customers want, using this information to design, build and rebuild yachts. We have succeeded when they perform, look and feel exactly the way our customers want them to and are easy to handle.

Our approach requires effort and attention to detail. Custom building is about what the owner wants. But we keep in mind the needs of captain and crew as well. After all, they will be the ones handling and maintaining the yacht for the owner


Cognitive intimacy

Custom-made building always takes a team-effort.

The various activities of all the parties involved have to be coordinated efficiently. At the same time we make sure that the entire process remains transparent to the customer.

To satisfy our customers’ needs, we help them select the very best experts to work with us. We all share the same goal: exceeding our customers’ expectations. For you this means: one contact person, a clear and transparant agreement, higher quality and lower costs. During the entire process a team of dedicated professionals will be working on your yacht, with an eye for detail and a passion for perfection, each with his own focus, working together towards our common goal.

In House


The three you's in Younique Yachts

You; Owner

There is nothing quite as personal as taste.

We see concept design as a recreation of our customers’ taste. There wil be no sudden changes during the building process. The only surprise is the wonderful feeling you get when your yacht is finished.

Being part of the building process

We believe in connecting with our customers and inviting them to get involved in the building process. What you want from your yacht is a personal matter, and so is building it. Being part of the building process is a great experience. With Younique Yachts you will work together with professionals, see your yacht develop and get familiar with its characteristics before it is even finished.

Room for new ideas

You are part of the team. Not only because it is a great experience, but also because it is your yacht we are building and there are important decisions to make. Staying involved in the building process means there will be room for your new ideas while we are working.

YOU; Captain and Crew.

You know exactly what the owner’s wishes and habits are. You also know under which circumstances the yacht should perform optimally. We offer you the necessary tools to meet and if possible exceed the owner’s expectations.
Custom building, the Younique way

To us ‘custom built’ means that you get a detailed list of specifications and costs early in the process. We never present a customer with a preliminary design or a rough estimate of the costs, because that could result in unexpected changes or costs later. The agreed building specifications and price will be our guideline for the entire project. We will do our utmost to maintain the price as it was set.

Keeping it simple

It is your responsibility to keep the yacht in top shape. We will make this task easier for you by keeping you in mind in the design phase. Special attention is paid to the point of view of those responsible for the maintenance of the yacht. Systems must be accessible, simple and reliable.

YOU; Commissioner.

You have gained your customer’s trust. We will help you fulfill his or her wishes. We offer custom-made project management, detail engineering, construction and communication. With respect, of course, for the existing relationship between you and your customer.
Thinking ahead

Custom-made guarantees a perfect fit. Our top quality custom-made guarantees even more. our strength is thinking ahead, so that in future the product will still fit perfectly, fulfilling the needs and wishes your customer might have in years to come.

Inspiring trust

Change orders should be a sign of flexibility, but in practice they are often used as an excuse to raise an underestimated contract price. That is not how we do things at Younique Yachts. We believe your customer should know what to expect. We believe in inspiring trust.

Happy Clients

Feadship (built 1938)
“As a sailing yacht enthusiast I had always looked for elegant design rather than functionality. Until I talked to the owner of both a sailing and a motor yacht. That was a real eyeopener. So I found myself a beautifully elegant motor yacht – a Feadship – and asked Younique to work with me and improve on its functionality. The result is all I could have hoped for: graceful design, great functionality and quality of the highest standard. ”
Swan 48 (built 1973)
“Classic yachts are admired for their elegant and graceful curves, modern yachts for space and speed. Contrasting classic design with modern techniques and applications creates an exhilarating experience no new yacht ever could. Olin Stephen was an exceptional designer, unconventional and way ahead of his time. He thought the Swan 48 was his best design. I could not agree more. Its seventies and eighties vibe brings back many wonderful memories. ”
Truly Classic 65 (Built 2001)
“Younique Yachts are in my 3 best companies I ever work with. Egbert and Peter are everything you can ask when you want boat builder excellence. Their professionalism and their attention to the details is well seen on every piece they built. I'm sure Younique Yachts will continue to write their work on the good Dutch Navy History. ”

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